Think Ecologically™ are simple words, but words of action that symbolize personal responsibility, community pride and a commitment to future generations. Awareness is the first step of change. Think Ecologically™ is a simple, clear call to action - a challenge to think differently. To consider "what if everyone did it?"

Several websites provide great guidance to help you to Think Ecologically™. Explore these sites, take action and share your stories, tips and pictures about how you are making a difference. Help us spread the word.

Use this tips form to share your Eco Tips. Submissions will be reviewed and posted on the site using only your first name, city and state.



Earth 911 - Guide to local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment.




EPA's Global Warming Wheel Card - PA's Global Warming Wheel Card is a hand-held tool that you can use to estimate your household's emissions of carbon dioxide and learn how you can reduce them. One side of the wheel illustrates how much carbon dioxide a household contributes to the atmosphere per year through activities such as driving a car, using energy in the home, and disposing of waste. The other side shows how changes in behavior (such as buying a more fuel-efficient car) can reduce your emissions.




Climate Status Investigations - Middle School - This page lists over 130 resources by topic.




World Watch Institute - World Watch Institute -10 ways to go green.




Nature Conservancy - Nature Conservancy Voluntary Carbon Offset Program.
 - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle tips.